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My daughter survived a brain injury, and then the health system abandoned us

 The harrowing experience made a few things crystal clear to Lisa Bryant. Photo: Stocksy

The harrowing experience made a few things crystal clear to Lisa Bryant. Photo: Stocksy

We all know, theoretically, that our lives can change in an instant. Day after day, month after month, year after year, we do the same things. We go off to work, have dinner with our families, walk our dog each day, make plans. We know that this life we have created can fall down at an instant because of sudden death or illness. But we live as if it won’t.



Quita Docking (right) pictured with best friend Cody Hollingsworth before her accident. (Supplied: Gladys Docking)

It’s the silent, unspoken killer amongst us, striking from nowhere, changing everything in a single heartbeat.

The rugby tackle that was too high. A joyride gone awry. An accident on the farm. Simply running out of luck.

Acquired brain injury is the leading killer of people under 45 years in Australia. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Brain injury can be a life-altering event affecting many diverse areas of a person’s life. Often, the person who has suffered a brain injury is unaware of just how severely they have been affected. Victims of brain injury can have a tendency to overestimate their abilities or underestimate the problems they face. Family and friends can help recovery and it’s frequently the relatives of those who have suffered a brain injury who ask for our help and legal assistance.


personality change

How do you lead for your children to follow, and set examples for them to learn from, when you yourself are so off-kilter that you are reliant on those around you to try and find your own balance?

It can be a hard lesson for any child to learn that their parent(s) are human after all when they get to mid to late teenage years and their early twenties when everything is going ‘to plan,’ but what happens when brain injury interrupts this?


I guess you could also include psychological fears in this ‘normal’ realm of existence – it can be hard for young adults to find out that their parents don’t have life totally ‘sussed’ when they have put them on a pedestal all their lives, so, to then have to deal with a parent who is ‘different’ to everything they have known all their lives because that parent has been brain injured must surely make many things quite intolerable… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.