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As I recovered from a concussion, all the activities I loved disappeared one by one

Sitting at the back of the bus reading The World Has Changed: Conversations with Alice Walker, I had no idea that my own world was about to change in significant ways. I saw nothing, it happened so quickly. Passengers informed me that my head hit hard against the exit barrier as the driver stopped suddenly to avert a collision with a truck. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


After a head injury, ordinary things at school can bring back concussion symptoms

The online Concussion Awareness Training Tool was developed by sports injury specialist Dr. Shelina Babul at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

“There’s nothing like this out there,” Babul said in an interview.                                          CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Do You Include others?Wolfgang WolfWolfgang Wolf Author, Counsellor, Philanthropist, Speaker.
The USA has the ADA, the United Kingdom has the Equality Act, and
Germany has the Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz? Here in NZ we
have the Public Health and Disability Act.

Wherever it is, they are all based on, or contain parts of, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 
Of course we have come a long way CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Quita Docking (right) pictured with best friend Cody Hollingsworth before her accident. (Supplied: Gladys Docking)

It’s the silent, unspoken killer amongst us, striking from nowhere, changing everything in a single heartbeat.

The rugby tackle that was too high. A joyride gone awry. An accident on the farm. Simply running out of luck.

Acquired brain injury is the leading killer of people under 45 years in Australia. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

If you ever receive a harsh blow or shake to your head, you should not return to activity and should instead seek early diagnosis and treatment from a doctor or emergency room. The sooner you respond the better your chances for recovery.


Scientific evidence confirms that the brain needs recovery time from a sharp blow or shake. Your doctor will prescribe the terms but it usually involves bed rest, and very limited reading, talking and brain stimulation. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE