Is your self help, self advocacy or support group a member of United Brains?

Who can be a member of United Brains?
United Brains members are representatives for their group. Self help, self advocacy and support groups can nominate one or more of their members to represent the group. If you are part of a self help, self advocacy or support group for people with an ABI anywhere in Victoria, you can be part of United Brains.

Different types of groups are part of United Brains. Some groups cover a large geographic area, even statewide, others are very local. Groups have different purposes such as self help, self advocacy, social and recreation groups, and groups that run specific programs perhaps for a set time. All of these groups for people with an ABI can be United Brains members.

I’m interested but I can’t get to meetings
United Brains meets regularly. Decision making is by discussion and consensus. Your group can still be involved even if you can’t get to the meetings. Your group can still contribute, receive information and be involved.

How does my group benefit from being a member of United Brains?
If your group is part of United Brains, it is part of a statewide network which:

  • Promotes the activities of ABI groups
  • Makes it easier for individuals to find ABI groups
  • Distributes information

What about service providers – Are they members?
Organisations and service providers, such as the Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers (VCASP), the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU) and the Summer Foundation are supporters of United Brains, they are not members. United Brains work closely with supporters.

As a representative member of United Brains, what do I have to do?
Members of United Brains exchange information. Representatives bring information about their group to United Brains and take information from United Brains back to their group.
As a representative of your group we ask that you:

  • Keep United Brains up to date about your group’s activities
  • Bring views, issues and information from your group
  • Provide information about your group for the United Brains website
  • Keep your group up to date about what United Brains is doing

United Brains depends on each group doing things to support United Brains activities. This could be:

  • Volunteering to get the tasks done – such as the website information, contacting other support groups, taking minutes, distributing information, helping to lobby or co-ordinate campaigns
  • Finding ways to contribute to running costs or providing some in-kind supports

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