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When was the last time you snapped?

When we Snap     I don’t mean your fingers.

We, who have experienced a TBI, have all been there: the situation where it’s too noisy, or too busy, or too bright or, with our lowered threshold, too almost anything.  I’m sure you know the  situation.  It’s the thing others don’t understand because it is normal for them, but for us, unable as we are, to regulate CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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Brain Games for People with TBI: Pros and Cons

Computer brain games can be fun and stimulate the brain, but should be used in conjunction with cognitive rehab — and interacting with people and the world.

Celeste Campbell, PsyD, Dr. Celeste Campbell is a neuropsychologist in the Polytrauma Program at the Washington, DC Veterans Administration Medical Center. She has a long Celeste Campbell PsyD
history of providing cognitive psychotherapy and developing residential behavioral management programs for children and adults.