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As I recovered from a concussion, all the activities I loved disappeared one by one

Sitting at the back of the bus reading The World Has Changed: Conversations with Alice Walker, I had no idea that my own world was about to change in significant ways. I saw nothing, it happened so quickly. Passengers informed me that my head hit hard against the exit barrier as the driver stopped suddenly to avert a collision with a truck. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


After a head injury, ordinary things at school can bring back concussion symptoms

The online Concussion Awareness Training Tool was developed by sports injury specialist Dr. Shelina Babul at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

“There’s nothing like this out there,” Babul said in an interview.                                          CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Evaluation of conjugate eye movements has been a key component of the neurologic examination for at least 3500 years. Concussions are typically associated with post-traumatic vision problems, such as difficulty with reading, visual accommodation, and saccadic eye movements. Eye tracking dysfunction is one objective measure of concussion, but methods of tracking have not been well refined, and even so, require highly skilled examiners, and have never been translated into the ED environment.


Calls to better support women with acquired brain injuries caused by domestic violence

Domestic violence support workers are calling for greater recognition and help for the hidden number of women suffering from acquired brain injury after being abused.


The number of children in protection in Australia is rising and support groups say that could be a result of an epidemic of undiagnosed acquired brain injury.

They say with better awareness, diagnosis and therapy, women would not have to suffer the loss of their children as a result of domestic violence injuries.