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Linda W Arms gives a very good overview of ‘learning to live with ABI’

 I can successfully manage one thing at a time.   It is because I have a brain injury that I can no longer multi-task in the ways I did before my injury.  C

These days I can recognise several things that need to be taken care of, like a birthday coming up, having someone over for dinner, taking care of a personal business matter and a lot of other small matters.   The problem is that I can’t work with a multiple of these things at the same time without difficulty and feeling  CONTINUE READING HERE

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As I recovered from a concussion, all the activities I loved disappeared one by one

Sitting at the back of the bus reading The World Has Changed: Conversations with Alice Walker, I had no idea that my own world was about to change in significant ways. I saw nothing, it happened so quickly. Passengers informed me that my head hit hard against the exit barrier as the driver stopped suddenly to avert a collision with a truck. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


After a head injury, ordinary things at school can bring back concussion symptoms

The online Concussion Awareness Training Tool was developed by sports injury specialist Dr. Shelina Babul at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

“There’s nothing like this out there,” Babul said in an interview.                                          CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Sports-related head injuries are increasingly gaining attention as researchers investigate long-term consequences of multiple concussions. Concerns about the neurodegenerative disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, has put a focus on contact sports such as football and soccer.

However, a study released today by the journal Neurological Focus found that the sport that causes most traumatic brain injuries isn’t even a contact sport, it’s horseback riding. Looking at data from the National Trauma Databank between 2003 and 2012, the researchers found that equestrian sports contributed to the highest percentage of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) for adults. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

A letter to my Ex

I hope you are well.

People still ask about you after all these years. I tell them you are doing okay, that you have moved on in your life.

Then I steer the conversation away from you so that the wound stays closed.

I used to think about you every day. I missed you so much that it hurt, and thought that I could never go on without you.

I still do many of the things that you used to do. They used to remind me of you, but not as much anymore as the years continue to pass.

Guilt is a funny thing.

Sometimes a day, or even a week passes by and I realized with a start that I’ve not even thought about you.

Not even once.

And that realization opens the wound again. But I no longer bleed as deeply.

The breakup was painful. It landed me in the hospital. I cried for a year, and then another, and then another.

I never thought I’d be able to feel whole again with you gone. But I am healing now and have started my life over without you.

Writing to an ex may seem like a funny thing, especially when I am the ex as well, writing this letter to my past self – the one who died that November day so long ago – in another life – in a twisted wreck of broken glass and steel.

I still see your face every day in the mirror. You look back at me –  the reflection of someone I once was.

I hope you are well.