The force of the impact was incredible.  Glass shattered around me, raining down everywhere.  The sickening, crunching sound of metal was deafening and I felt myself spinning.


I saw the taillights in front of me disappear and then the headlights of the cars that were behind me were heading at me; and so nit continued.  I was spinning forever, it seemed.  I was saying a silent prayer.  I was wishing blessings on my family and friends because I knew I was about to die.  There was no pain, I was surprised.  That would come later, I was to learn.  It was amazing just how many thoughts went through my head in that seemingly very small amount of time.  The noise stopped and the spinning stopped.  It was quiet; too quiet.  My thoughts were thrust into darkness, and then they drifted to a simpler time, one filled with comforting memories of a lifetime of striving for the ultimate goal of Olympic gold. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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